Monday, September 26, 2011

A Nation Unites

Mark Sanchez was left bloody and dazed on the grass in Oakland. He was begging for mercy at the end of the game. He had broken his nose. He was sacked four times in the second half. He got punched in the face. He threw an interception. It was a far cry from two years ago when he munched a hotdog on the sidelines during a Jet 38-0 route of the Raiders. Hue Jackson repeatedly showed the Raiders that clip during the week of an arrogant Sanchez disrespecting the Raiders. The Raiders promised to make him pay, and boy did they! The Raider nation was on fire on Sunday as the fans united behind McFadden and his 177 rushing yards and two TDs. Three years ago I wrote about staying loyal to your team, one year ago I said the Raiders were a nation on the rise.......this year we are A NATION UNITED! We just destroyed a team that has been to the AFC championship twice in the past two years. We are going to finish the year 10-6, we are going to the playoffs and we will beat the Patriots next week. Believe it Son!

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