Friday, June 24, 2011

Kings Canyon

In Kings Canyon, in Kings Canyon you can:
-Play horseshoes with Kevin "the ringer" Riley
-Listen to Zach tell amazing add-on stories about Nachos and cheese around the campfire
-Tour boydens cave and look at the wedding cake, bacon, the lost city and experience total darkness
-read by the river
-build campfires and sing songs........"rock the boat"
-sleep in an open air tent and look at the stars at night
-backpack 13.5 miles to Paradise Valley with your Dad on Father's Day
-forget how to drive and get ice-cream before dinner
-leave your Iphone, Ipad, T.V. and movies at home
-sleep peacefully to the sound of a roaring river
- be on the lookout for a tall, well built, talkative Austrian man in his 60's
-discover the wonders of the JetBoil
-enjoy your family in God's country

Thank you to my Dad, Denise, Garrett, Tasha, Kevin and Zach for a great trip! Let's do in next year!


  1. It was a great trip! Next time....backpacking with at least Kev. He's ready!

  2. Yes, it was a great family camping trip. Great hike up to Bubb's Creek and then on to Mist Falls. Amazing amount of water! The little guys were the greatest and especially good at helping out the men with "the dishes." And yes, the Austrian stranger. The one who lives with no phones, no t.v., no newspapers all the time! A lesson. Still miss hearing the roaring river. So relaxing. Thanks to all! Love, Grandma Dee

  3. It sounds like an incredible trip! So glad you were all together and had such a great time and fantastic weather.
    Love, Sandy and Joe